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The Royal Statistical Society (RSS) was founded by Charles Babbage, Thomas Malthus, and Richard Jones in 1834 with premises located a building alongside Trafalgar Square, London and shared with the Royal Society of Literature (pinned here). In 1874, the Royal Statistical Society moved to Principal’s House, King’s College on the Strand. Today, it is based on Errol Street, Islington. The RSS supports British statisticians and promotes statistics for the public good. It hosts an annual conference and published the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society. Related BRANCH article: Jonathan Sachs, "1786/1801: William Playfair, Statistical Graphics, and the Meaning of an Event."


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Babbage’s Difference Engine no. 1 completed

Babbage’s Difference Engine No. 1In 1832, machinist Joseph Clement completed Difference Engine no. 1, the only prototype of Babbage’s design executed during Babbage’s lifetime. Exact date unknown; if you have information about the correct date, please email with this information.


Roger Whitson, “The Difference Engine: 1832, 1855, 1876, 1991, 2002, 2008″