Ten Bells Pub

The Ten Bells pub is located at the corner of Commercial Street and Fornier Street in Spitalfields in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. The pub has existed in some form since the mid-eighteenth century and has been at its current location since 1851. Its interior features Victorian tiling and a late-nineteenth-century tile mural commemorating the weaving heritage of the Spitalfields area. The pub is known for its association with two victims of Jack the Ripper: Annie Chapman may have drunk at the pub shortly before her death, and it has been suggested that Mary Jane Kelly worked as a sex worker on the pavement outside the pub. The pub was renamed “The Jack the Ripper” and featured Ripper memorabilia from 1976–1988, but the named was changed back the Ten Bells after a campaign by Reclaim the Night.


Latitude: 51.519387984099
Longitude: -0.074181407635