Trinity College

Tennyson began attending Trinity College in Cambridge in 1827.  This was the same year he published his first book of poetry, Poems by Two Brothers.  At Trinity College he joined an undergraduate literery group called the "Apostles," who encouraged him to continue his poetic career.  His time there became significant to his life not only because of the dedication to poetry he acquired there, but also because this is the place where he met Arthur Hallam.  Hallam's death in 1833 was a pivotal, traumatic moment in Tennyson's life.  It crushed him deeply and became the cause of many of his emotional issues.  However, this emotional pain also heavily influenced his poetry later on.  After Hallam's death, Tennyson wrote an elegy for his beloved friend and hid himself from society for ten years.  This became known as the "Ten Years Silence," where he would dedicate his time to grieving and revising his poorly reviewed publication of Poems.  It was not until 1842 that Tennyson would release these revised poems, which are influenced by Hallam's death.


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