Ulundi, also known as Mahlabathini, is a town in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. On 1 September 1873, Cetshwayo became king of the Zulus and created Ulundi (“the high place”) as the new capital of the nation. On 4 July 1879, the final battle of the Anglo-Zulu war, the Battle of Ulundi, saw the British army capture and raze the capital. Cetshwayo was subsequently deposed and exiled. During the king’s time in London, his cause gave rise to sympathy among the British public. Cetshwayo was reinstated as king of the Zulus in 1883, though only granted a third of his former lands by the imperial government. However, that same year, a rival faction led by Zibhebhu destroyed the king’s main base at Ulundi, and the king himself died a few months later.


Latitude: -28.292013434339
Longitude: 31.429560186225