University of Edinburgh Medical School

Founded in 1726 during the Scottish Enlightenment, the Edinburgh Medical School is one of the oldest medical schools in the English-speaking world. The medical school is associated with three Nobel Prize winners. 


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Timeline of Events Associated with University of Edinburgh Medical School

Date Event Manage
Jan 1829

Trial of William Burke

Drawing of Hare and BurkeIn January 1829, William Burke was tried for the murder of sixteen people in Edinburgh, for the purpose of selling their bodies to anatomists in Edinburgh. His accomplice, William Hare, turned King’s evidence and avoided prosecution. He was hanged and sentenced to be anatomized and displayed; his skeleton still hangs today in the Anatomy Museum at Edinburgh University Medical School. Image: Drawing of Hare and Burke (c. 1850). This image is in the public domain in the United States because its copyright has expired.


Pamela Gilbert, "On Cholera in Nineteenth-Century England"