Walworth is a district located in London in the Borough of Southwark. It appears in the Domesday Book as Waleorde. Walworth features a famous manor that King Edward II presented to his court jester, Hitard. (Sometimes the Walworth Manor is associated with Margaret de Walworth, the widow of the famous Sir William Walworth who famously killed Wat Tyler, the leader of the Peasant's Revolt, in 1381. However, sources conflict about if Walworth's widow ever possessed the manor.)  The 1825 St. Peter’s Church and Manor Place Baths are located here. Poet Robert Browning and actor Charlie Chaplin are from Walworth. John Ruskin Street (renamed in 1937 from Beresford Road) also runs through Walworth, named so for John Ruskin as his family attended church here and Ruskin attended a school on Walworth Road. 

Image: "Manor place baths" by secretlondon123 is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0


Latitude: 51.487378500000
Longitude: -0.095306800000