Westgate Hotel, Newport

This was one of several cities of Chartist uprisings in England following the rejection of the 1839 Chartist Petition, one of the first attempts at a mass petition gaining 1,280,000 signatures from around the country. The Petition was presented to congress by Thomas Attwood on June 14 and was denied 235 to 46. The Newport Rising was the last large scale uprising in Wales led by Chartist leader John Frost. This specific march consisted of around 3,000 people and resulted in approximately 10-22 dead and some 50 people wounded. The Westgate Hotel was the site where arrested protestors were temporarily held during the uprising. 





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Longitude: -2.996917000000

Timeline of Events Associated with Westgate Hotel, Newport

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Nov 1839

Newport Uprising

Chartists attacking Westgate HotelNewport uprising on 3-4 November 1839. This was an armed uprising in support of the Chartist Petition. A few months after the rejection of the first Chartist petition, 9,000 laborers—some of them ignorant of the intentions of their leaders—marched into Newport with the plan of taking control of the town, but were quickly routed by local forces. Image: The attack of the Chartists on the Westgate Hotel, Newport, Mon. Nov 4th 1839. This image is in the public domain in the United States because its copyright has expired.


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