William Rothenstein

Far Oakridge, Stroud, Gloucestershire, UK

William Rothenstein was born in 1872 in Bradford, West Yorkshire. He was born in a Jewish Family who emigrated from Germany in the 1860’s (Shaw 2). He was a painter, printmaker, gallery founder, and art critic, among many other things. In 1893, Rothenstein created a series of lithographic, pencil, and chalk portraits of various men and women, some of which appeared in The Yellow Book (Shaw 2). Throughout the mid to late nineties, Rothenstein surrounded himself with a wide network of Y90s artists and writers including Max Beerbohm, Charles Ricketts, and Oscar Wilde, who teased Rothenstein for his seriousness and sobriety (Shaw 3). In 1899, he married actress Alice Knewstub. Rothenstein. He was knighted in 1931. He contributed to multiple volumes of both The Yellow Book and The Savoy.