Blog Post #12: ENG 910 - Final Thoughts

I found the capstone presentations incredibly engaging today in class! In particular, I enjoyed listening to all the different facets of these stories and hearing all these perspectives and arguments I would have never considered before today I think this speaks to the level of malleability that these Victorian texts have and how their literary illustrations are open to a multitude of interpretations with each according critical focus. For instance, I thought it was really interesting that both me and Kyle shared a similarity in our thesis with the connection to Charles Darwin, or how each capstone project for Sherlock Holmes: The Man with the Twisted Lip was analyzed for differing story elements, such as viewing opium as a form of capital. Or although there was a large group that did Goblin Market, each version highlighted the importance of meaning-making within these texts. 

Regarding all these different versions of the text definitely offered me a larger perspective on how editions change over time and often the substance of the story develops as well, bringing forth this idea I have about how literature is not as static of a form as I once believed. It is a form with a variety of observations to be made, different artist interpretations, and various approaches to examine the content. I thoroughly enjoyed the connective space this class offered towards being able to cultivate these ideas and different understandings to broaden my comprehension of Victorian literature and illustrations.

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