ENG 910- Blog Post #5

While going over the curations for the different "Globlin Market"  versions through the years and while studying my own assignment of the Beyond the looking glass rendition of "Globlin Market" I took into account the audience for the poem. Through the years the target audience has been changed even though the text has been the same. Though it was not originally meant for children and was seen as an adult text, through the years it has been interpreted as a childrens text at times. While looking at the different curations for the different versions I noticed that even Playboy had taken the poem and done a rendition of it the same year that it was taken by Beyong the Looking Glass to a be part of a collection of fantasy and fairy tales. I found this very interesting because of the major different in themes. There are really strong erotic elements in the text and which is also portrayed in the Laurence Housmans illustrations which were said to carry a lot of the sexual themes as seen in the text. The illustrations and the context of each rendition of the texts is so important to how the poem is interpreted by its readers. Those reading the Playboy rendition are more likely to pick up on the explicit themes than those reading the Beyond the Looking Glass who would understand it more as a childrens text because of the contexts of fairy tale themed text.

Groups audience: