Last Blog Post!

Today’s class was truly rewarding as we were all able to share our findings and how we were going to incorporate them in our text. I found it really interesting to listen to all the different and even similar routes my classmates took in analyzing their chosen text. Listening to presentations about the works we have covered in the semester was rewarding as it opened up a window into a scholarly conversation based on the works we have been reading this year, and such was rewarding as I was able to learn a lot more historical context based on the texts I did not write my essay on. I also appreciated the presentations that discussed why they chose a diachronic analysis. Since I picked a synchronic approach to my text, I was very interested to see how other classmates were planning to format their essay with so many different illustrations they had to cover. I especially appreciated the presentation on The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes as I was initially planning to do my essay on those stories. The analysis of different representations of Sherlock Holmes was interesting to see especially after seeing the Family Guy adaptation. Overall, I am more than happy with my decision with both my Capstone course topic as well as my own essay topic. I can confidently say that I have gained critical information about Victorian literature and illustrations and the context in which they were written/illustrated.

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