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"A tiny medicine-chest was open upon the dressing-table, and little stoppered bottles of red lavender, sal-volatile, chloroform, chlorodyne, and ether were scattered about. Once my lady paused before this medicine-chest, and took out the remaining bottles, half-absently, perhaps, until she came to one which was filled with a thick, dark liquid, and labeled "opium—poison." pg 345

Medicine chest, c 1850an english medicine chest c 1850 was one of the most popular types that opens whit a lid. In the lid is a label with the text: thomas ruster, chemist, high st & john st, maryport. There is a recipe is provided written out in1873. The bottles with the labels are original . In the drawer of the travel pharmacy are located a hand scale with weights, a glass pestle and mortar, 5 small bottles, measuring cup, eyedropper, and two jars. This travel pharmacy cabinet is in good condition. Dimensions 24 x 17 x 21 cm high.

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