Week #12 Blog Post

This week I found it incredibly interesting to listen to everyone's Capstone presentation. Not only did I get to enjoy everyones presentations but I felt it was the perfect recap of many of the major themes we studied this semester. I also thought it was interesting to see the different interpretations of each illustrated text as well as the different interpretations the same illustrated novels in different ways. This class taught us the different ways to analyze and asses different themes within illustrated texts and it was interesting to see how those skills were being adapted to understand these texts for different students. In particular I enjoyed the discourse surrounding the themes of early feminism throughout many of the Victorian illustrated texts, from  The Lady of Shalot to the different editions of Goblin Market and The Werewolf  it was interesting to see people take these themes and interpret them differently through different texts as well as interpret the illustrator/authors opinions that the imagery and text represent. 

I also found it interesting how in depth the research surrounding the different texts were. Even the Goblin Market group that had a larger group of presenters had such rounded arguments that differed but were based on well versed research. Though there were a few Goblin Market presentations, each one interested me because of how each approach was different but also research based and interesting in respect to their main arguements. This course overall helped me grasp a futher understanding of Victorian literature through illustrations while also allowing me to grown in terms of my researching skills that allowed me to formulate an arguement for the class discussion and my capstone seminar final assignment.

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This final blog post is a real tribute to your work throughout the term and the collective knowledge we built individually and collaboratively.