“The Happy Prince and Other Tales” is Published

Oscar Wilde writes his first book of fairy tales. It's titled, "The Happy Prince and Other Tales", and it is a collection of stories for children first published in 1888 by the London publishing company, Duckworth and Co. Its stories include: "The Happy Prince,” "The Nightingale and the Rose," "The Selfish Giant," "The Devoted Friend,” and "The Remarkable Rocket.” 

Each story is fantastical, full of imagery, and lessons that Wilde wanted to pass on. In a Review section of The Burlington Magazine for Connoisseurs (Vol. 24, No. 129 published in the December of 1913) written by “Various Reviewers,” Wilde’s book of tales was said to be a “success” and should be bought in time for a collection of “Christmas books.” In that year of the review, it had been republished by Duckworth and Co. with colored illustrations and a new book cover.





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Spring 1888

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