Arthur Hugh Clough in Rome

Photograph of the Spanish Steps by Robert MacPherson

In April 1849, Arthur Hugh Clough traveled to Rome to witness the struggle for Italian independence from both Vatican and Austrian authorities. While in Rome, Clough lived with a Swiss family located at 74 Via delle Croce near the Piazza di Spagna (Kenny 157). Clough left Rome in July to see the rest of the country. Though his stay in Rome was brief, Clough's experiences there were instrumental to the narrative of his verse-novel, Amours de Voyage. 

Image: "Trinità dei Monti" (with The Spanish Steps). Photograph by Robert MacPherson, c. 1860. Public domain. 

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Kenny, Anthony. Arthur Hugh Clough: A Poet’s Life. Bloomsbury Academic, 2005.

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The middle of the month Apr 1849 to 17 Jul 1849