Clough Family Relocates to Charleston, SC

Jackson_View of Charleston

In December 1822, the Clough family relocated from Liverpool to Charleston, South Carolina, and moved into a large house on East Bay Street (Kenny 1). Arthur Hugh Clough would live in the Charleston area until he returned to England in 1828 for his formal education, but while in the United States, Clough was educated at home by his mother, Ann Perfect, who did not want her children to see themselves as American. Nevertheless, Clough’s time in the United States seems to have had a lasting effect on his career as Antony Kenny notes in his biography of Clough, which discusses the ways the maritime imagery in Clough’s poetry is reminiscent of his childhood summers on Sullivan's Island (3).

Image: View of Charleston (View from the East), 1846, by Henry Joseph Jackson. This image is part of the public domain and is available on Wikimedia Commons.

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Dec 1822 to Jun 1828