The Invention of Asprin

The concept of pain relieving medication has been around for many years but the actual manufacturing began in 1899. Ancient Romans and Egyptians used salicylic acid from willow and other plants made into clay tablets. Scientists at Bayer started researching acetylsalicylic acid 1897 to see if they could develop a pain reliever with less side effects than the classic salicylate medicines, and found a new way to synthesize it.  German chemist Felix Hoffmann finds that adding an acetyl group to salicylic acid reduces its irritant properties while working for Bayer. In 1899 Bayer had solidified their concoction and began selling it worldwide. Aspirin became very popular especially for people who could afford it regularly to use without doctors supervision. Bayer started to have lots of competition but was the leading pain relieving medicine until the 1950s and 60s when ibuprofen was invented. Aspirin is still one of the most commonly used medications 

I am the only doctor in town in Coventry, England. I deal with all kinds of peoples problems, whether they be big or small. One thing that most of my patients have in common is pain. Everybody seems to be in pain in one way or another. Heck my back and head hurt most of the time too. Since the invention of that Bayer aspirin I’ve been able to help a lot more people get some real relief from their pains, especially the rich ones like the Brookes who can afford it. Everyone seems to be a lot happier with my services, but a lot more people have heard the word about how wonderful the new drug is so I hope this doesn't become a problem. I think Bayer did a great job developing this medicine from acetylsalicylic acid, it seems like magic to me! Just swallow the pill and feel better. Feels like we are living in the future. 

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