July Revolution (Second French Revolution)

The July Revolution, also known as the Second French Revolution was a revolution that occurred over three days in July, also known as the Three Glorious Days.

The Revolution rose out of discontent for the reigning monarch- King Charles X. His pandering to the Catholic Church and offering of compensations for losses occurred during the French Revolution went against the 1814 Charter and went against the principles of equality. This drew the ire of the people. When he attempted to alter the Charter of 1814 by decree, suspending the liberty of the press and excluding the middle-class from future elections, revolution broke out.

In general, there was much less fighting, bloodshed, chaos, and looting in the July Revolution compared to the French Revolution, and the whole affair was over in three days. As a result of the revolution, King Charles X abdicated the throne and a new constitutional monarchy took his place, with Louis Philippe as the constitutional monarch. 

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26 Jul 1830 to 29 Jul 1830

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