Queen Victoria

Portrait of Queen Victoria's Coronation

Queen Victoria began her reign after her coronation on June 28, 1838. This was the beginning of a 63 year long reign as monarchy which is the longest reign of any British monarch to date. Her husband, Prince Albert, greatly influenced how she ruled as monarch. Victoria loved and respected him as he helped change her habits and her political sympathies as well as training in how to conduct business, maintain the ministry of home life, and in establishing a private intelligence service abroad. Queen Victoria’s reign was marked by important improvements within Britain. A few important improvements include accelerated industrial, political, and military progress. These progressions are part of the reason why an era was named after Victoria. She was a queen who desired to keep political power as a monarch and was reigning during the transformation of the sovereign’s political role into a ceremonial role. Victoria believed that the sovereign had an important and active role in in British politics. The sovereign’s role in foreign affairs and in keeping alliances held sincere importance. Queen Victoria marked the end of the Romantic period.






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