Romorantin Palace

From 1517 until his death in 1519, Leonardo Da Vinci lived in Amboise, France as a guest of King Francis I.  Sketches for a royal palace in Romorantin are found in Da Vinci’s Codex Atlanticus. In these sketches, he outlines a plan for a new town at Romorantin. The overall concept of Da Vinci’s design was centered around incorporating the existing royal buildings in the town into a new network of gardens and chateaus. His plan included a canal system to adequately drain the area and prevent flooding that plagued the area due to the Saudre River. King Francis I financed this portion of the project in 1518, but he ultimately decided not to pursue the construction of the Romorantin. He decided to build a chateau in Chambord instead, so Da Vinci’s designs for the Romorantin Palace were never constructed.


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circa. 1517