Summonses For Forcible Feeding

This article recounts the second half of a trial with the Homesecurity, govenor, and and doctor of Winson Green Gaol. The recounting goes on over a few days. This was done with the argument that the force feedings were actually assualt. The suffragettes noted how they were pinned down or held down in the chair, and that they felt violated after the procedure was finished and returned to their rooms. They said that the feedings happened twice a day, once in the the morning and the other was in the evening. The suffragettes mentioned in court how sometimes instead of a tube being forced down their throat, the doctor pryed their mouths open and pored liquid and meat extract down their throats with a spoon. Also, anyone doctor or nurse who enacted the feeding were criminally liable. There is also a testimoney from a suffragette who was forcibly fed by the doctor. In the recounting, the suffragette recounts some of the damages that force feeding had on her body. It is mentioned the some of the women have lost a great amount of weight, 13 pound to be exact, over the couse of the forced feedings, as well as change in facial detail for example pale complection and thinning of the hair, some suffragettes noted that from the tube being forced down their throats that at the time being they are sufferng from swollen throats and are to weak to talk much.. The ruling from the judge in the case, was that the doctor as well as the police officer were found innocent, becuase the feedings were being done inside of the law and he could not find anything illegal about the actions that took place.

The image shown is of a suffragette who is standing up to go and testify on her treatment while in the prison. She is still in pain from having the force feedings enacted on her, she notes how a tube was forced down her throat and a mixture of liquid and meat extract was poured down the tube. She could not talk much becuase of how badly injured her throat was due to the tube.

Summons For Forcible Feeding

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9 Oct 1909

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