Wilde Writes "De Profundus" While in Prison

While imprisoned for his "indecent" behavior with other men, Oscar Wilde wrote to his lover, Lord Alfred Douglas. The letter covers many topics, including their relationship, his imprisonment, much of the religious readings Wilde has done while incarcerated, and of course the grab bag of art, love, and societal ills that Wilde is known for tackling. But most importantly to the majority of scholars, it is a love letter. It took Wilde four months to write the letter. It was published in 1905, but with certain parts slandering Lord Douglas removed for fear of being sued. It was later republished in 1949 by his son Vyvyan, but even in this version was found some inaccuracies, perhaps due to the son's need to preserve a certain image of Wilde. It was finally published in full accuracy in 1962 by Rupert Hart-Davis. Some consider it to be the greatest love letter ever written.

Source: https://www.bl.uk/collection-items/manuscript-of-de-profundis-by-oscar-w...

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Dec 1896 to Mar 1897

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