carriages in the 1800's

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The main transportation in the 19th century were horses and carriages. Since there weren’t any cars, airplanes, or other transportation they had this. Also, trains were starting up to go too far places from people’s local towns. In England, carrying goods of such sort were carts, drays, vans, and wagons which were for low order people. Carriages were for the high-end people of England. The types of carriages were in different variety of shape and the number of horses pulling them where ever they go.  They are barouches, landaus, Victoria’s, curricles, and broughams were all types of carriages. Barouche is one of the fancies open carriages half of the 19th century with a fold-up hood and it’s a two-seater facing each other.  Landaus is the same thing as a barouche with two horses. Victoria is a low open carriage, with seating of one or two people and popular for women’s driving in. Curricle is the fashionable two-wheeled carriage in the early 1800s. All of these are apart of open carriages.  The one closed carriages that are popular is the brougham. It’s an everyday vehicle in the latter part of the century that’s was two-wheel than went to four-wheel.

This novel of Middlemarch is during the 19th century and these carriages were apart of the story. I remember from one of the films Dorthea was with his sister going to Casaubon’s house. The carriage that she was riding was a four-wheel cottage with 2 white horses. I think she was she was in was a landaus carriage.  My reaction is that I wouldn’t like to ride in one of these cottages. From today and back then has changed a lot. Cottages to automobiles, times have changed.

Transportation in the 19th Century,