Da Vinci Design of Sforza Monument


In all of Da Vinci's sketches for his Sforza monument, he incorporated both art and engineering. The detail of the muscles on the horse’s legs produce a life-like effect and demonstrate its belonging to the Renaissance period. The lines in the background and in the chest of the horse demonstrate his close attention to the placement of each part of the horse, so it remains structurally stable and can be cast into bronze with one pour. The sketch depicted represents Da Vinci’s third main idea for the monument and ultimately the design created into the clay model (Ahl, 1995).

Ahl, D. (1995). Leonardo da Vinci's Sforza monument horse: The art and the engineering. Bethlehem [Pa.] : London ; Cranbury, NJ: Lehigh University Press ; Associated University Presses.

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  • Leonardo da Vinci