Dante Gabriel Rossetti, The Sonnet (1880, illustration)
Rossetti, Sonnet, Illustration


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This is the original, pen-and-ink illuminated text drawing that Dante Gabriel Rossetti made for his mother's birthday. The drawing was laid into the front of a copy of David Main's Treasury of English Sonnets (1881), which had laid into the back a birthday poem by Christina Rossetti. Brother and sister then presented the book to their mother. Both signature and date are inscribed at lower left: DG Rossetti pro matre fecit, Apr: 27. 1880. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Production History

DGR executed this illuminated work in March and April 1880. It was first published in 1882 as the frontispiece to William Sharp's DGR: A Record and a Study. Several interesting proof copies survive.

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27 Apr 1880