Lord Byron's Grave
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British poet Lord Byron died when he contracted a fever in 1824 while waiting for battle in Greece, and after he passed his body was returned to England. Lord Byron was known for his love of dogs, so of course he wished to be buried by his famously known childhood dog, Boatswain, at Newstead Abbey, his home from 1808-1814. He was refused to be buried there, partially because the house was sold in 1817 and partly because of his morals being questionable, so Lord Byron was buried in his family vault at St. Mary Magdalene Church in Nottinghamshire, England. Pictured is the marble plaque that the King of Greece donated in 1881, 57 years after Lord Byrons death. This photo is part of the Public Domain. This plaque is inlaid in brass and set into the floor as closely as possible to Lord Byrons body in the vault below. 


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