Robert Campin, Annunciation Triptych (1427)
Annunciation Triptych by Robert Campin


The Annunciation Triptych, also known as The Merode Altarpiece, is an oil painting made by the workshop of Netherlandish Renaissance painter Robert Campin, around 1427. The central panel features the biblical scene of the Archangel Gabriel appearing to tell Mary she will be the mother of Jesus. The event takes place in a contemporary Netherlandish interior, most likely similar to that of the home of the patron who used this for personal devotion. The scene is rich with detail and symbolism, characteristic of Netherlandish art. A small figure holding a cross can be seen gliding into the scene among golden rays, symbolizing the Holy Spirit and the incarnation of God. White lilies in a vase are placed on the table, representing the virgin. The shining pot in the background is a reference to Mary as the “most pure vessel”. All of this extreme attention to detail served to draw the viewer in and enhance their experience of personal devotion.

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