Sewing Machine

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In 1846, Elias Howe developed what is arguably the most innovative piece of fashion technology in the sewing machine. Howe got the idea to create it by eavesdropping on another conversation about how good of an idea it is, but also how difficult it would be to create. Howe's wife helped a lot with the design and testing of the sewin machine, and in the process created this seemingly futuristic piece of technology. Once Howe patented the sewing machine, companies all over the country began to take notice and Howe instantly made his fortune. However, Howe's brother Amasa went to England to meet with high ranking people in fashion and stole his brother's idea starting "The Sewing Machine Wars". People everywhere began developing their own versions of the machine, which sparked lawsuits to pop up pretty much everywhere across the country and in England. A lot of the machines however proved to be faulty, so just as much money was made from lawsuits as was made from patents of different versions of the sewing machines.