Sketches of Arched Bridge


These sketches of a self-supporting arched bridge are found in Manuscript L of da Vinci’s Paris Manuscripts. They demonstrate da Vinci’s incredible engineering acumen; though untrained, he intuitively discerned that a parabolic arch with a wide base would offer more support than the designs of other bridges at the time. Though da Vinci gave measurements for the bridge’s length and height, these dimensions were never confirmed or modified because the design was never implemented. It is likely that these sketches were completed in approximately 502 CE, as he sent his letter to Sultan Beyazid II proposing this design in summer of 502 or 503 CE. These sketches are currently housed at the Institut de France in Paris.


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Photo is taken from Wikimedia Commons. It is a reproduction of a document that is in public domain due to its age and thus free to use.

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  • Leonardo da Vinci

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circa. 1502