Vebjørn Sand da Vinci Bridge in Ås, Norway


This photograph, taken by Åsmund Ødegård, showcases the arched structure and wide base that were characteristic of da Vinci’s design and crucial to its self-supporting nature. The materials used for the design was wood-composite. The bridge, limited to pedestrians due to its steep incline, spans 330 feet and is 27 feet tall. It was dedicated in November 2001. In the future, Sand hopes to adapt da Vinci’s bridge design to build bridges all over the world.


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The photo was taken by Åsmund Ødegård and accessed on Wikimedia Commons. It is under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 2.0 Generic License, and thus is free to use.

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  • Åsmund Ødegård

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9 May 2005