Victorian Fashion

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During the victorian fashion and culture in the 1800s was a trend for the British. It started in the United Kingdom and the British Empire throughout the Victorian Era between 1830s-1890's.  During that period, there was a fast change with the style underneath Queen Victoria.  The clothing was made cheap and quick to sell in the market. It was suddenly trending and people were starting to buy them. For the women's side of the trend, they worked with the social class. The high rich women wore tight-laced corset over a bodice than the skirts with trims. Middle-class women had similar dressing styles but the colorway was different.  The fabrics were tight and uncomfortable for them to wear.  The 3 things of the layer there would wear are berthas which were low shoulder neckline, corsets which were apart of the gown,  sleeves were tight and match with the fit of the design of how the women looked like. Also the hats and gloves they wore to look appealable. Their footwear was narrow and heedless.  For Men's fashion, it started off with tight fittings, long coats, and vests. Over the years, it went to blazers and more causal clothes that started in the 1890s. The footwear for men was mid to long boots depending on the style they are wearing. In the Victorian era, technology brought more attention to men and women with the types of styles that the economy was bringing it. 

In Middlemarch, I saw a lot of styles that was bringing into my eyes. If I was in that type I wouldn't like what I wear. In the videos, I saw bright colors with women and the men wore more dark colors. But watching the film it all depends on the social class. Its more high class living in a big house with expensive furniture and living in an open place. One of my favorite parts was when Dorothea and the rest of the folks eating together dress to the finest. Dorthea wearing a long white dress and the long sleeve. Casaubon wearing a long suit with his long hair looking like a gentleman and everyone dressing high class.  This part influences me because they are looking very appealed and giving their high-class attention. If I was in this time period I would of been wearing a brown or black coat with a white button-down, black or brown pants which will match my top with dark mid-size boots. 

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