Elizabeth Barrett Browning,
"Mr. Haydon's portrait of W. Wordsworth"
(manuscript fair copy version)

Wordsworth upon Helvellyn! Let the cloud
Ebb audibly along the mountain=wind
Then break against the rock, & show behind
The lowland vallies floating up to crowd
The sense with beauty. He with forehead bowed
And humble=lidded eyes, as one inclined
Before the sovran thoughts of his own mind
And very meek with inspirations proud,
Takes here his rightful place as poet•priest
By the high altar, singing prayer & prayer
To the higher Heav'ns. A vision free
And noble, Haydon, hath thine Art releast!
No portrait this with Academic air—
This is the poet and his poetry.

                of nature [!]

Published @ COVE

July 2018