17 Red Lion Square

17 Red Lion Square17 Red Lion Square was a significant location for writers and painters associated with the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. Dante Gabriel Rossetti lived there briefly in 1851. William Morris and Edward Burne-Jones lived there from 1856-59.  Almost directly opposite was the Working Men's College (now #31 Red Lion Square) where D. G. Rossetti worked at the time.


Latitude: 51.519034600000
Longitude: -0.118126800000

Timeline of Events Associated with 17 Red Lion Square

Date Event Manage
13 Jan 1851

Dante Gabriel Rossetti moves to 17 Red Lion Square

On 13 January 1851, Dante Gabriel Rossetti moved to 17 Red Lion Square with Walter Deverell. He lived there briefly until moving to 14 Chatham Place in November of 1852.  Image: Courtesy of The Victorian Web. 

17 Red Lion Square, London 17 Red Lion Square, London