Chopin Family Apartment

Here in Warsaw is where a young Frederic Chopin spent his formative years, completing his training as a pianist. The Chopin family was not initally centered at this apartment, but were spurred into moving here by the death of the youngest daughter, Emilia, from tuberculosis. Frederic lived here from 1827-1830 with his famliy, after which he left Poland for Paris, France. The Parlor became a museum dedicated to Chopin in 1954, and has since closed in 2014. 


Latitude: 52.239231514921
Longitude: 21.015152223408

Timeline of Events Associated with Chopin Family Apartment

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Portrait of Frederic Chopin and George Sand

The end of the month Feb 1832

Frederic Chopin's Parisian Breakthrough

Arriving in Paris in the summer of 1831, Chopin struggled to establish a career in his new city. He made several attempts to organize a public concert to showcase his talents, but to no avail. Chopin had been living off of an allowance from his father, but his money was running out very quickly. His situation was further worsened by news of his youth sweetheart getting married back in Poland. Chopin seriously considered leaving Paris, but his fortunes reverse, and he managed to organize a concert at the Salle Pleyel. Here, he played for the likes of Franz Liszt and Francois-Joseph Fetis, earning their attention and respect. Overnight, Chopin ignited the Parisian music scene, and produced immediate demand for both his art and tutoring lessons from aristocratic clients. Soon after, he began playing in numerous prominent salons, and became fiscally self reliant.

Salle Pleyel Concert Hall