London's Old Bailey

The Central Criminal Court of England and Wales is referred to as the Old Bailey due to the street on which it stands. The original medieval court dates to 1585 and was destroyed in the Great Fire of London in 1666. It was rebuilt in 1674 and again in 1774, with a second courtroom added in 1824. In the nineteenth century, the Old Bailey was a courtroom adjacent to Newgate gaol. Up until 1868, hangings were a public spectacle in the street outside the building. 

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Timeline of Events Associated with London's Old Bailey

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"Was executed before the Debtors' Door"

circa. 1837 to circa. 1837

Old Bailey


11 Apr 1867

Nelson and Brand charges dismissed

A Middlesex grand jury at London’s Old Bailey criminal court dismissed charges brought by the Jamaica Committee against Colonel Abercrombie Nelson and Lieutenant Herbert Brand for the murder (via illegal court martial) of George William Gordon at Morant Bay, Jamaica in October 1865. The trial was a result of the Morant Bay Rebellion of 11 October 1865.


Sarah Winter, “On the Morant Bay Rebellion in Jamaica and the Governor Eyre-George William Gordon Controversy, 1865-70″