Regent Street

Regent Street is a shopping street in west London. Named for the Prince Regent, who later was crowned George IV, it was designed by architect John Nash to connect Regent’s Park in northwest London with the St James’s district—the site of the Prince Regent’s residence, Carlton House. It was completed in 1825. In Charles Dickens’s Nicholas Nickelby, Lord Frederick Verisopht lives on Regent Street.


Latitude: 51.512272255657
Longitude: -0.140724778175

Timeline of Events Associated with Regent Street

Date Event Manage
15 Nov 1888

"Letterpress Printing" lecture

Kelmscott Press logotypeOn 15 November 15 1888, Emery Walker gives lecture, “Letterpress Printing,” at the Arts and Crafts Exhibition at the New Gallery, Regent Street. The lecture was attended by William Morris and Oscar Wilde; the idea of the Kelmscott Press is born. Image: Kelmscott Press logotype. This image is in the public domain in the United States because its copyright has expired.