Westminster is an area of Central London located on the north bank of the river Thames. It is home to several historically and politically important buildings such as the Palace of Westminster and Westminster Abbey. The area is home to the center of the British government including both Houses of Parliament and many government ministries.


Latitude: 51.497597890429
Longitude: -0.133377313177

Timeline of Events Associated with Westminster

Date Event Manage

A Mystery in Scarlet No. 2: "Waiting for the Robbers."

2 Sep 1819

Westminster meeting

On 2 September 1819, 15,000–50,000 people assembled in Westminster and were addressed by Francis Burdett and Major Cartwright. The Examiner for that date confirmed 2 September as the correct date. This followed a smaller protest meeting at Smithfield the week before.


James Chandler, “On Peterloo, 16 August 1819″

19 Apr 1882

Death of Charles Darwin

Photograph of Charles DarwinDeath of Charles Darwin on 19 April 1882. Darwin’s friends and supporters arrange for his burial in Westminster Abbey as a mark of the importance and respectability of his life and ideas. Image: Henry Maull and John Fox, Photograph of Charles Darwin (c. 1854). This image is in the public domain in the United States because its copyright has expired.

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