The "Baptism of Christ" moves to the Uffizi

 "The Baptism of Christ", originally commissioned by the monks of San Salvi in 1472, stayed at San Salvi until 1730. While at San Salvi, it survived the 1529 Siege of Florence in which half of the Church was destroyed. Today San Salvi houses a different famous painting, Andrea del Sarto's Last Supper. In 1730 'The Baptism of Christ' was taken to another monastery in Florence, the Santa Verdiana where it stayed for 80 years. In 1808, during Napoleons rule, he repurposed the monastery to become a slaughterhouse which resulted in the painting being moved again, this time to The Florentine Galleries. In 1919 the painting moved to its current home, the Uffizi, meaning this year is the 100th anniversary of the painting being at the Uffizi (and the 544th anniversary of the finishing of the painting). It is located in room 35 of the Uffizi Gallery, along with ‘The Annunciation’' another famous painting by Verrocchio and DaVinci. 


Image from Wikimedia:,_Leonardo_da_Vinci_-_Baptism_of_Christ_-_Uffizi.jpg


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