"The air was filled with phantoms" - Stave 1


This 9.5 x 6.3 cm wood engraved image, dropped into letterpress, in A Christmas Carol (1843), depicts the moment  in time in which reveals to Ebenezer Scrooge what he will become after death. Leech's illustration is repetitive here as it echos the written text, depicting a homeless woman in the foreground, and the phantoms of the image are in an agitated state because they cannot help the woman in their immaterial form. Alongside the other images in Stave 1, this image depicts the figuraitive line between life and the afterlife. This image is found on page 37, in black and white. 

Contributed to by: Kyle Sarjeant, Yousef Farhang, Zeinab Fakih, Payton Flood, Patricia Lucreziano, Emma Fraschetti

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