Marley's Ghost - Stave 1


This image is found in A Christmas Carol (1843), created with hand colouredsteel engraving/etching. This is a full page image that accompanies Stave 1 of the book. It is a 9.8x8 cm piece of art is depicting the moment in the story that Scrooge encounters his dead buisness partner. This image was created in a caricature-like way, with realistic elements. Jacob Marely and Ebenezer Scrooge together while Marely is shown with chains created out of ledger books, representing how greed weighs down a persons spirit even in the afterlife. This image, like others in teh book, allow readers to see the line between the visible and invisible world represented in image. 

Contributed to by: Kyle Sarjeant, Yousef Farhang, Zeinab Fakih, Payton Flood, Patricia Lucreziano, Emma Fraschetti 

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