Stave 3 - Scrooge's First Visitor
Scrooge's Third Visitor - Stave 3


Located on page 78 of A Christmas Carol, John Leeche's image of Scrooge's Third Visitor depicts Scrooge and The Ghost of Christmas Present. It is a full-page coloured, steel-plate engraved/etched image that appears 12.2 cm x 8.3 cm vignetted on the page. Along with the image, Leeche's signature and the title "Scrooge's third Visitor" are engraved onto the plate. Leeche's image mimics the texts description of the Ghost of Christmas Present, wearing a green robe and surrounded by gifts representitive of prosperity, such as the torch he has that appears to reflect the histoical Horn of Plenty. Scrooge appears to be loking upon the Spirit respectfully, as he takes in the new meaning of Christmas that the Spirit represents.

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