Trial and Success: A Non-DH Savvy Professor Adopts COVE

I came to COVE for multiple reasons but being technologically savvy was not one of them. While I had always used the online course management systems that my university provided, I didn’t do so in innovative ways. I posted assignments, and I had students post responses to excerpts. In other words, I used the online course management systems in ways that saved my students and myself a few paper copies, not in ways that intellectually enhanced our classroom experience.

"The Cry of the Children" (1843) by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

This is the first omnibus scholarly edition of Elizabeth Barrett Browning's (then Elizabeth Barrett Barrett) protest poem "The Cry of the Children" (1843), as it was published in Blackwood's Magazine.  The editors and annotators have built on sustained scholarly engagement about the poem, its contexts, and its relationship with laboring-class poetry of the time.  This was initiated by their cooperation for "Rhyme and Reform: Victorian Working-Class Poets and Elizabeth Barrett Browning's 'Cry of the Children.'"  This two-day, international, multi-site symposium (Oct.


A Mystery in Scarlet

October, 2021

Robert Louis Stevenson cherished the 1866 penny dreadful A Mystery in Scarlet, written by his "genuine influence" Malcolm J. Errym, the pseudonym of "Sweeney Todd" creator James Malcolm Rymer (1814-84) and illustrated by the celebrated "Phiz" (Hablot K. Browne, 1815-82).



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