Of Soldiers and Poets

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The Works of George Weslow

            During the late 1960s, when peace and love was all the rage and long-haired hippies spent their days protesting violence and their nights singing about mountains and country roads, history had other plans for the thousands of young men that were called away from their homes and loved ones to go fight a war on the other side of the world where everyone was destined to lose. Some of them fled, hoping to dodge the draft. Some of them went, only to come home as a broken shell of the person they had been before. And many never made it home at all, either killed by enemy fire or destroyed by their own fragile mentality. However, there was one young Marine, a LCpl (Lance Corporal) at the time named George Weslow who, even in the midst of all the heartache and bloodshed, still found a way to pour all of his hopes and fears, and dreams of a brighter future into this remarkably emotional and diverse collection of poetry and prose.

            Weslow’s writing varies greatly, from one work to another—sometimes praising the beauty of nature, other times relating the dark side of humanity, wreathed in violence and tragedy, as only a soldier on hostile foreign soil can truly understand.

            The intention of presenting the full, emotional rollercoaster of these collected works together, is to showcase a more accurate representation of the whole whirlwind of feelings that haunt the hearts and minds of our brave men and women in the U.S. Military, when they find themselves far from home in some foreign land, missing their loved ones and praying to just make it back to them again.

Mindy Mensen, Editor

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April 2022

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