Searching for Something

George Weslow
The night is very dark
And I'm feeling alone,
It sure will be nice
To hop that big bird home.
One-hundred and twenty
And I'll be on my way,
Lord... how I'm waiting
For that very last day.
Honey... I love you
And I miss you so much,
I need you sweetheart
I need to feel your touch.
I've been alone before
Halfway across the continent,
But it never bothered me much
I didn't care where I was sent.
But then I had nothing to lose
And I guess really nothing to gain,
It was like being on a one-way track
On a one passenger train.
I didn't care where I started
Or where I was bound,
Just a Tumbleweed,
Rolling from town to town.
I guess I was looking for something
That I could never find,
I didn't know if it was for adventure
Or just for peace of mind.
Wherever I went,
It was just the same,
The only difference in towns
Was the difference in names.
And then from a foxhole
In another town,
What I'd been searching for
I finally found.
Honey, you gave me a reason
Something to really make me care,
And if I didn't have that
I'd most likely still be there.
I'd probably be with the Unknown Soldier
In another unmarked grave,
Just another soldier,
Posthumously brave!

Published @ COVE

April 2022