George Weslow


Who is that child sitting by herself
underneath that big elm tree,
she looks so alone there
will someone please tell me?

And then a middle-aged woman
stepped out from the crowd,
her lined face made her look older
and she walked with head bowed.

She looked up at me
and this is what she said,
"son", she is all alone
both her parents are dead.

There was an accident one week ago
that took both of them away,
but little Kim's mind won't let her believe it
so she waits under this elm, day after day.

I've done everything I can
to bring her back to reality,
I love her just like my own
but I can't set her mind free.

Then I walked over to her and said,
"Hi Kimberly, can I sit down?"
My name is George
and I've just come to town.

I'm a stranger here
and I need someone to talk to,
I'm all alone in this world
can I talk to you?

She said, "You look like my daddy"
he'll soon be coming by,
he and mommy had to go away
he told me to wait for him, and not to cry.

Gee mister, are you crying,
did I say something wrong?
I said, "no honey, there's something in my eye,
but it'll go away before long."

She said, "You poor man"
it must be awful not to have anyone,
maybe it will help if you tell me
and with that, my story had begun.

Honey, a long time ago
when I was young like you,
I had a mommy and daddy
and like your's they loved me too.

But one day there was an accident
and the angels called them away,
and like you, I sat and waited
for their return day after day.

But a young man came by
and sat down at my side,
and he said "son", listen to me
there's no need to cry.

Your mom and dad
are in Heaven now,
standing at God's side
looking down from the clouds.

He's called his children home
because he loves them,
their earthly works are finished
and now he needs them with him.

Don't shed those tears
of grief and despair,
they've finally found peace
in Heaven up there.

They're watching over you
both night and day,
and you'll be with them again
when the angels come to carry you away.

And now you've got to carry on
for that's what they'd want you to do,
they don't expect you to wait for them
because now, they're waiting for you.

When God chooses the time
to take you home,
his angels will come for you
and you'll never again be alone.

You'll be with your mom and dad
and they'll not leave again,
you'll be with them in eternity
and eternity has no end.

And as my sad story closes
little Kimberly's eyes have closed too,
God has seen fit to call her
and now her waiting is through.

I can hear the angels singing
as that golden coach ascends,
bearing her homeward
where she'll be with them again.


Published @ COVE

April 2022