With Me Tonight

George Weslow


The light grows dim                                                                                        
as evening falls,
and off in the distance
a whippoorwill calls.

The sun is setting
in the shadow of the west,
and the daytime people
are settling down to rest.

The sounds of silence
are setting in,
and the creatures of the night
are stirring again.

I hear a hoot-owl
out in the night,
and the pleas of a field mouse
overcome with fright.

I hear a mourning dove
as it sings its sad theme,
and life is as peaceful
as if in a dream.

As I lay me down to rest
in the calm of the night,
a beautiful face
moves into my sight.

With eyes of baby-blue
and the love light shining bright,
it's your face I see honey
and you're with me tonight.


Published @ COVE

April 2022