God Protect the Grunts

George Weslow


I know there's a God in Heaven above
Guarding me with his undying love
But God, let me ask a favor if I may
Please protect the grunts from day to day.

I've lost so many friends again and again
Please dear God, when will it end?
So many brave grunts gave their lives away
And Lord, I've been with them each and every day.

So many times my life almost came to an end
But each time fate took the life of a friend
I know you're protecting me and why I can see
But please dear God, put the grunts above me.

They go into battle with a hope and a prayer
Please dear God, don't let their lives end there.
I ask you Lord in my own humble way
Don't let them die on this foreign clay.

I know the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away
But can't you grant them a few more days?
Is it asking too much to let them see
Their own country once more and their family?

So many grunts die everyday
Oh Lord will it always be this way?
All those young men who are lost in the fight
Is this the price we must pay for what things we right?

If this be the cost the price is high
And still unanswered is the question why
Isn't there any way to end this bloodshed,
And reduce the total of young men dead?

I can't help but think there's another way
To cut down the cost on the price we must pay.
Are we all right, or are we all wrong?
Should we be here fighting the VietCong?

Or should we be back in the Promised Land
Giving our own country a helping hand?
It would seem more important to help our own
Back in America in our own homes.

I don't think our countrymen should be over here
When back in America are the ones we hold dear.
We can't handle the war in our own homeland
Much less the one in Vietnam.

So I ask you dear Lord
If there's another way
Please let us know
On some very near day.


Published @ COVE

April 2022