If I Could

George Weslow


To want... is to need,... to need... is to love, and to love... To love?? God... if only time could be altered! For just a little while, would then I be richer than the knight victorious astride his golden steed!

Would that not then be life amongst the nearly dead? Would that not be richer than the wealthiest of men?

Could I but transform minutes into hours, hours into days, and days into weeks! Time in itself moves backwards, and the past is in the future, while present returns to the past, and future is committed to memory!

Yes, life is but a train of reality endlessly steaming along imaginary rails. Would that I could transform images to solid matter, eternity would be but an imaginary state, and forever would be but a matter of time! Life would then be livable and lonliness would never be!...


An Hoa, Vietnam, 1968

Published @ COVE

April 2022