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This can include any number of documents, such as editorial introductions, critical essays, bibliographies, etc. 

Introduction: Wilde and Nadejen's Fisherman and his Soul

December, 2023

Nadejen’s Reimagining
By Jacob Braatz and Avah Gardner

The artist Theodore Nadejen, who created the illustrations, is not a well-documented person; personal effects and legacy are complex to contribute. However, we know some information that can help us infer based on his life and how he could relate to the story.

5. Glossary of Spelling and Capitalization

G. Glossary of Spelling and Capitalization

This glossary records Thackeray's spelling and capitalization practices for words and phrases in the copy-text of Catherine in cases where the copy-text's forms are unusual, inconsistent, or different from Thackeray's characteristic forms. In addition, the entries that follow contain, where possible, discussions of the usual forms found in Fraser's Magazine; and in all cases a suggestion is made as to whether the copy-text form is likely to be authorial.

4. Historical Commentary

March, 2022

Historical Commentary

"Not always doth the writer know whither the divine Muse leadeth him."

——The Newcomes, Chapter 10

At the end of April 1839, advertisements for the May issue of Fraser's Magazine announced that the issue would contain, among other items, "Catherine: a Story. By Ikey Solomons, Esq., jun."1

Appendix 3: The Afterlife of Catherine Hayes

Appendix 3: The Afterlife of Catherine Hayes

Despite her death at the end of Catherine, Catherine Hayes lived on, in a marginal way, in Thackeray's later works, even provoking a minor controversy by her appearance in the serialized version of Pendennis in 1850. Earlier she had made a brief, obscure appearance at the end of Vanity Fair, when the narrator recorded Becky Sharp's three lawyers as being Messrs. Burke, Thurtell, and Hayes, Burke and Thurtell being the names of two other notorious murderers.


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