Little Journeys to the Homes of English Authors William Morris

April, 2022

Little Journeys
to the Homes of
English Authors




Done into print by the Roy-
crofters at the Roycroft
Shop, which is in
East Aurora,
New York,


Of this edition there were printed and illumined by
hand but nine hundred and twenty-five copies. This
book is Number 923

Elbert Hubbard



March, 2022

5. Glossary of Spelling and Capitalization

G. Glossary of Spelling and Capitalization

This glossary records Thackeray's spelling and capitalization practices for words and phrases in the copy-text of Catherine in cases where the copy-text's forms are unusual, inconsistent, or different from Thackeray's characteristic forms. In addition, the entries that follow contain, where possible, discussions of the usual forms found in Fraser's Magazine; and in all cases a suggestion is made as to whether the copy-text form is likely to be authorial.

Later Accounts

March, 2022

Later Accounts

B. The 1726 Pamphlets

The murder of John Hayes prompted the appearance of two different pamphlets presenting accounts of the case, pamphlets that were prepared even before the execution of the murderers in May 1726. On April 28, 1726, the Daily Post (2) announced that there was in the press a work entitled The Life of Mrs. Margaret Hays [sic]. This publication, according to the advertisement in the Post, would give

4. Historical Commentary

March, 2022

Historical Commentary

"Not always doth the writer know whither the divine Muse leadeth him."

——The Newcomes, Chapter 10

At the end of April 1839, advertisements for the May issue of Fraser's Magazine announced that the issue would contain, among other items, "Catherine: a Story. By Ikey Solomons, Esq., jun."1


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